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Why Join the McCreary County Chamber of Commerce?

The McCreary County Chamber of Commerce wants to be your one resource that can actually give your business an advantage. Our website gives you some insight as to some of the programs and areas the Chamber is involved in. There are a number of opportunities awaiting you when you join and become active in the McCreary County Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is an active organization designed to meet community needs. We are a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses who band together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, tourism and civic interests of the community. We are the information and research bureau and the promotion medium for the community. Most important, the Chamber is the “Front Door, ” welcoming newcomers, visitors and all others inquiring about our community.

Part of the value of your Chamber membership is the opportunity to be part of these activities by becoming involved through our committee structure. Your leadership and input could have a deep impact in shaping our communities future.

Another benefit of belonging to the chamber is business promotion and member to member discounts. We are working on an updated list of member discounts–coming soon!

If you are community minded, support for the Chamber is an investment in a better community. Become a member of the McCreary County Chamber of Commerce and take advantage of what Your Business Partner can offer your business.

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